Rice Mill

Rice milling is the primary processing of paddy to be rice or brown rice. The basic milling consist of 4 mains

step :
??? 1. Paddy Cleaning : To remove contaminated dirt out of paddy such as straw, dirt, gravel, sand, out of paddy by dry cleaning.
???? 2. Hulling : To peel off the husk of the grain by huller and get brown rice from this process.
???? 3. Polishing : To polish the bran of brown rice and the rice turn into smooth, shiny, clean and white.
???? 4. Grading : To separate the completed grain out of broken rice.

???? The appropriate elements for the rice milling application.

1. Sieve, grading,cleaning, hulling and polishing applications : Vibrating motors, Standard Siemens motors, Geared motors M, C, F, K Series. Or the newest gear MG Series (recommend) which is more durable and saver.

2. Conveyor system : Gear M, C, F, K Series with Standard Siemens motors, Power Twist belt and many type of couplings to use with your demand.

***Type of high efficiency Siemens motor (Hi-eff, ie2) and inverter is recommend for all applications in order to save more energy. ***