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Oil & Gas Industry our international vendor has huge experience over many years in the oil & gas industry, supplying OEM?s and end users with gearboxes and transmissions as well as on-site services in critical upstream, mid-stream and downstream applications.
Applications for the Oil & Gas industry Advanced high speed gearboxes have been supplied for.
Water Injection Pumps Generator Sets Compressors Oil Pipeline Pumps Lift Pumps Fire Pumps Solutions tailored for Oil & Gas Here are a few examples of how we can help you meet your industry needs and provide the products and the services to support your operations 24/7.
High Speed Gearboxes designed to comply with API, AGMA, ISO and DIN International Standards .
Intensive overhaul programmes, managed within typical 3-4 month ?out-seasons?.
Upgraded replacements for all makes to increase output and reliability On Site services and Emergency Repair and Maintenance Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Performance testing and root cause analysis Full Asset Management control