Sugar Industry

We have extensive experience Partner in the Sugar industry and understands the various applications for which power transmission products and services are required. Applications include:
- Cane handling conveyor drives and tipper drives
- High speed drives for milling and shredding.
- Low speed, high torque drives for crushing plant and feeders
- Bagasse Conveying systems, boiler feed pump drives and High Speed turbine drives. Solutions tailored for Sugar Here are a few examples of how we can help you meet your industry needs and provide the products and the services to support your operations 24/7:
- Repair, overhaul and upgrade of existing drives .
- Intensive overhaul programmes, managed within typical 3-4 month ?out-seasons?.
- Upgraded replacements for all makes to increase output and reliability
- On Site services and Emergency Repair and Maintenance
- Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
- Performance testing and root cause analysis
- Full Asset Management control