Planetary Gear Units PHQA

Planetary Gear Units PHQA

Brand : STOBER
Categories : Precision & Indexing Gear
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Planetary Gear Units PHQA

Quattro power due to four-planet system. Helical gearing. Highest torsional and tilting stiffness.

Backlash up to < 1 arcmin. Flange output shaft. Short motor adapter length.

Easy and secure motor mounting. Can be attached to almost any make of servo motor.

Shaft Designs
Flange shaft

Recommendation Motor
EZ synchronous servo motors

For further information see Synchronous Servo Motors
Synchronous Servo Motor EZ

Paint Finish
Black RAL 9005

Lubricants and Maintenance
- Synthetic lubricant CLP HC ISO VG 150
- Lubricated for life
- Maintenance-free

Motor Adapter
Different motor adapters and couplings are used according to the planetary gear unit selected.

ME motor adapter with EasyAdapt? coupling
One piece construction for lowest mass moments of inertia.

MF motor adapter with FlexiAdapt? coupling
For large motor shaft diameters.

Both couplings are fully balanced clamp couplings and have integrated thermal expansion compensation.

Option ServoStop
- Integrated in the motor adapter, electrically released spring-loaded brake.
- When the power is removed, in the event of a power failure or an emergency stop ServoStop will brake both drive and machine shaft safely and reliably.
- Zero-backlash plug-in coupling.
ServoStop Motor Adapter with Brake

Installation Positions
- Any installation position.
- You can find the explanation of the installation positions and the respective quantities of lubricant in the document Quantity of lubricant for gear units ID 441871
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