Automatic Palletizers

Application Overview
Low level palletizers are designed to take in single packaged products, either full cases or bags, and arrange them in a single layer on a pallet. High level palletizers collate full cases of product to form a complete pallet layer and then the layer is transferred onto the top of the pallet. Generally, these palletizers are designed to support only one type of package product, but in today?s world, where lean packaging is a requirement, these palletizers must be versatile to handle a variety of product shapes and sizes.
Additionally, end users are increasingly paying more attention to life cycle costs associated with plant floor space, air consumption and machine flexibility.Servo
controlled palletizers provide several benefitsto greatly enhance the palletizer performance, increase flexibility, and can save in energy and maintenance costs.

Application Requirements
Lean manufacturing
  • ?? ?? Increased product throughput
  • ?? ?? Reduced machine footprint
  • ?? ?? Support of multiple product sizes and weights
  • ?? ?? Automatic product changeover
Green manufacturing
  • ?? ?? Reduce noise
  • ?? ?? Eliminate the need for compressed air
  • ?? ?? No hydraulic fluids
  • ?? ?? High efficiencyVFDs and Servos reduce
  • ?? ?? energy consumption

Control Techniques? Solutions
Servo Drives and Motors, VFDs, and HMIs
  • Pre-definedmotion functions make it easy to eliminate mechanical and pneumatic functions
  • Advanced control and tuning algorithms compensates for load changes
  • Rapid setup with intuitive software
  • Multiple drive networking for distributedcontrol
  • User selectable pack patterns for quick
  • product changeover

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