High Speed Labeling

The High Speed Rotary Labeling System applies labels to products in wrap around, wipe-on or front and back modes in the same turret. The system is fully synchronized and designed for high-speed labeling applications and allows for maximum flexibility with minimal changeover time.

The product handling system consists of quick-change, timed, matched tooling which allows an average changeover time of less than 10 minutes. This means less downtime of your production line. Products are handled individually within a product position fixture making the rotary system a perfect choice for containers that distort under pressure.

The increased control over the labeling process also makes this system perfect for difficult to apply, clear labels. Systems can be configured for single, multi-panel, wipe-on, wrap or spot labeling applications. Each system is managed through a boom mounted operator interface and LCD screen with a 320 degree viewing angle and is pre-wired and configured to support multiple heads, along with a broad range of standard modules. The labeling heads are mounted to heavy duty multi-axis machine mounts.

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