Shrink Wrappers

Application Overview
Shrink wrappers are used in many packaging plants to overwrap heat shrink film over a tray of product.
After the product passes through a heat tunnel, the film adheres to itself and seals the product to the tray for shipping. The system uses a conveyor to feed the film under an incoming tray then the film and the tray advance in a synchronized motion.
After the tray passes the conveyor opening, the film is cut and the wand is used to wrap the loose film over and then under the tray. The wand, conveyor and film must all be synchronized with each other to maintain proper film placement. The film can be clear or printed. If printed film is used, proper registration must be maintained to keep the print matched to the product.
Application Requirements
?? Quick setup for film changeover
?? Variable tray length
?? Variable speed
?? Initial film placement accuracy
?? Synchronized motion of film and/or wand
to the tray
?? Accurate film registration
?? E-STOP recovery routine

Control Techniques Solutions
Servo Drives, Motor, VFDs, HMIs
?? Synchronized Jog, Home and Indexing
?? Synchronized electronic camming
?? Connectivity to any PLC communications protocol
?? Easy mapping of HMI with drive parameters
?? Low and medium inertia motors to match the application requirements
?? Application templates to jump start the programming process

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