Smart Belts

Application Overview
To reduce machine size and increase flexibility, designers are replacing fixed pitch flighted conveyors with smart belts.? Smart belts are able to accurately position and place randomly spaced incoming product. Various product pitch and product length can be accommodated for by adjustable servo system programs that can be reconfigured on-the-fly for rapid product changeovers requiring little or no operator involvement.? Line synchronization also allows for the incoming product to change speed without any servo reprogramming needed.
Control Techniques? Solutions
Servo Drives and Motors, VFDs, and HMIs
O?? S-ramp for slip minimization
O?? Rapid change over
O?? Infinitely adjusts to changes in line speed
O?? Accurate product spacing
O?? Modbus Master controls VFD

Application Requirements

  • Increase through-put
  • Easily adjust to product mix
  • Accurately space incoming products
  • Dynamically change acceleration profiles to eliminate product slippage
  • Ability to network to virtually any PLC
  • Stand alone network
System Costs
  • Reduce multiple conveyors lanes required for differing products
  • Single solution for product converging or diverting applications
  • Low cost and simple to implement

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