Cement production is one of the world?s most energy intensive industries. Developing new applications for cement and concrete will improve energy efficiency and durability. We highly recommend power transmission elements for your improvements or maintenance to suit with your each process application.
1. Crusher raw materials - G or H series for conveyor drives.
2. Proportioning or Blending - M,C,F,K or G series.
3. Kiln - Klin drives, Girth gear and H series, primary drives, centre drives.
4. Pre Heater Tower - M, C, F, K or G, H series for screw conveyors.
5. Grinding - Vertical roller mill or ball mill drives ? centre drives or girth gears and H series.
6. Clinker Cooler - G or H Series for conveyor drives
7. Finish Grinding - Mill drives for ball mills ? girth gears and H Series, centre drives, twin planetary units, bevel helical, roller presses.
8. Storage Bagging and Shipping - M, C, F, K or G Series for conveyor drives, bagging machines.