Bayside Precision Gearhead
Bayside Precision Gearhead

Bayside Precision Gearhead

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Key Featurs

  • Bayside's Servo Systems feature state-of-the-art brushless linear and rotary servo motors and amplifiers.
  • High precision, low friction motion stages, manual slides and crossed roller bearing components. MicroPlus Stages and Rotary Table stages feature Integral brushless servo motor.
  • Bayside's Stealth Helical Planetary Gearhead and Gearmotors that run at low temperatures, quiet running and high torques.
  • Bayside's Systems Group is a uniquely qualified team of application, design and manufacturing engineers that produce integrated customized solutions for your motion control requirements, for applications in industries such as semiconductor, fiber optics and medical.

Technical Specifications

Gen II Stealth Gearhead "In-Line" PS
  • Stealth Advanced PS is Parker Bayside''s highest performance servo gearhead. With 8 frame sizes and 12 gear ratios, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced PS to fit your high performance servo applications.
  • Stealth''s superior design and construction deliver "The Helical Advantage:
  • Strong...30% more Torque
  • Quiet...Less than 68db Noise
  • Fast...6,000 RPM Input Speeds
  • Accurate...Less than 3 Arc minutes Backlash
  • Over 97% Efficiency
  • Frame sizes PS60~220, ratios 3~100
Gen II Stealth Gearhead "In-Line" PX
  • High performance at an exceptional value makes STEALTH PX the gearhead of choice for today''s lower cost servo motor applications. Stealth PX delivers the best value with the advantages of helical planetary technology.
  • High Torque...More than standard planetaries.
  • Lowest Backlash...Less than 15 arcminutes (10 arcminute option)
  • Quietest operation...Less than 70db
  • High Input Speeds...Up to 5,000 RPM
  • High Efficiency...Over 90% efficiency.
  • Frame sizes PX23~142, ratios 3~100