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Kop-Flex High-Performance Diaphram Couplings
Kop-Flex High-Performance Diaphram Couplings

Kop-Flex High-Performance Diaphram Couplings

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These couplings are engineered to accommodate a broad range of demanding operating conditions: boiler feed pumps, centrifugal and axial compressors, generator sets, test stands,gas and steam turbines, marine drives, etc. The high performance disc coupling is the preferred choice for demanding turbomachinery applications. Superior quality, and a wide variety of standard and custom designs backed by unsurpassed engineering expertise

  • KOPLON coated flexible disc elements for maximum life
  • Factory assembled
  • Greatest reduced moment available
  • Dynamically balanced

Technical Specifications

The patented Flexible Diaphragm Coupling from KOP-FLEx couplings transmits torque from the driving shaft via a rigid hub, then through a flexible diaphragm to a spacer. The diaphragm deforms while transmitting this torque to accommodate misalignment. The spacer in turn drives matching components attached to the driven equipment. Outstanding design features include:

  • Field-replaceable stockable diaphragms
  • Specially-contoured one-piece diaphragm design
  • Patented diaphragm shape
  • Piloted fits
  • Diaphragms are 15.5 PH shot-peened stainless steel
  • Inherently low windage design
  • Conforms to API 671 specifications