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Kop-Flex KD Disc Couplings
Kop-Flex KD Disc Couplings

Kop-Flex KD Disc Couplings

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KD Series of flexible shaft couplings provides reliable transmission of mechanical power from driving to driven machine where a low- maintenance, non-lubricated coupling is required.

KD Disc Couplings are specifically designed to accommodate general purpose drive system applications such as centrifugal pumps, compressors, generators, cooling towers, machine tools, printing and pulp and paper machines.

KD Couplings transmit torque and provide for both angular and axial misalignment between shafts with a coupling comprised of shaft mounted hubs connected through flexible disc packs with spacer or sleeve assemblies.

All KD Couplings use stainless steel discs as flexible members, providing high strength and good corrosion resistance. The streamline disk pack design results in the reaction load on equipment bearings being minimized. These disc pack couplings are inherently self-centering; additional provision for limited end float is not required.

Most disc packs are unitized and along with self-locking nuts, they greatly reduce the number of loose parts, thus simplifying installation and replacement.

KD Disc Couplings are now available in an expanded range of sizes and styles suitable for common installations. Or if you need something special, we can design a coupling to meet your specific requirements.