HepcoMotion Driven Track System (DTS)
HepcoMotion Driven Track System (DTS)

HepcoMotion Driven Track System (DTS)

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Using the HepcoMotion PRT Ring Slides and Track System as its basis, DTS is a complete unit ready to be incorporated into a continuous positioning or dedicated assembly machine. Carriages are propelled around an oval or rectangular circuit with virtually unlimited straight length, driven by pulleys and a timing belt. The provision of all transmission and mounting components as a complete integrated package means huge savings are made in both design and build time.

Key Features

  • Ingenious 'trip latch' mechanism disengages drive if carriage is impeded
  • Carriage locking system for accurately repeatable location
  • Mounts directly to HepcoMotion MCS Machine Construction System
  • Two basic sizes with direct load capacity up to 400kg per carriage