PalaFlex Grid Coupling
PalaFlex Grid Coupling
PalaFlex Grid Coupling

PalaFlex Grid Coupling

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KOP-GRID tapered grid couplings are your best choice to protect your investment in expensive driving and driven equipment from misalignment, shock loads and vibration, while accommodating reasonable shaft end float.

Key Features

  • Positive protection against the damaging effects of shock loads, impact loads and vibration
  • The effectiveness of torsional damping
  • Accommodating shaft misalignment and end-float versatile design
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

  • Interchangeable part by part with Falk*
  • Horizontal H covers, vertical V covers, and spacer styles
  • Up to 370HP/100RPM from stock
  • Stock bores to 7.25"
  • Lower pricing than competition