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HepcoMotion Heavy Duty Ring Slides & Track (HDRT)
HepcoMotion Heavy Duty Ring Slides & Track (HDRT)

HepcoMotion Heavy Duty Ring Slides & Track (HDRT)

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The Heavy Duty Ring and Track is a development from the successful PRT2 product and offers the user a larger range of single edge rings with higher load capacities from 512mm up to 1656mm dia. In addition there is one size of track system using a double edge ring segment linked to our Heavy Duty linear slides to provide a product capable of performing in the most arduous application.

Rings can be provided with Mod 4 gears complete with pinions and easy to mount vee bearings, either 64 or 95mm diameter. Lubrication for the ring is provided by ring or bearing lubricators. The track system is provided complete with fixed or bogie carriages and carriages can be assembled and removed after the track has been assembled for ease of maintenance if need be.

Key Features

  • High load capacity bearings and tracks can support loads up to 40Kn
  • Rings provided with Mod 4 gear drive option complete with pinion
  • Bearings are fully adjustable allowing easy installation
  • Low maintenance assured by use of ring or bearing vee lubricators
  • Ring and Track system supplied with mounting spacer for ease of installation
  • Stainless steel options for corrosive resistant applications