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RK PLS-II Profile Guide/Actuator
RK PLS-II Profile Guide/Actuator

RK PLS-II Profile Guide/Actuator

RK Rose+Krieger
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The PLS series (profile linear unit with spindle) has free-from-play adjustable rollers, that move along a polished guide shaft. This produces outstanding guide quality with low roll-off resistance and without annoying slip-stick effects. The necessary drive power is drastically reduced. Inaddition, the T-groove geometry of the well-known RK Profile Assembly System has been incorporated into the guide element, thus providing complete compatibility.

Key Features     

  • Sizes 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm
  • ACME or ball screw spindle available
  • Spindle covered with steel band
  • Spring loaded wipers
  • External lubrication of spindle
  • Roller cover