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HepcoMotion PRT2 Precision Track Systems

HepcoMotion PRT2 Precision Track Systems

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PRT2 is the second generation of HepcoMotion's highly successful Ring & Track based product. We are the are the originators of this Vee guide based system, and it offers the user an exceptional range of options and new sizes.

The new extensive easy to use catalogue presents two products in one, designed to solve rotary and continuous motion problems - Ring Slides for rotary or part circular movement and Track Systems for combined linear and rotary motion applications.

These products are unique in the combination of accuracy, capacity and design flexibility they provide, proven in thousands of applications throughout many international markets.

Key Features

  • Circular motion control at the periphery
  • Friction-free/Zero play motion
  • Extensive range of Ring diameters up to 1501 mm as standard
  • Double edge, single edge and Ring Discs versions
  • Simple and effective means of lubrication
  • Floating Bearing - axial movement of V position
  • Track System allows variety of circuits
  • High load support option at work station