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Key Features

1) Dual Rating

  • SJ700D can be used for both heavy and normal duty. One-frame-size smaller SJ700D may be applicable for variable torque applications

2) Induction Motor & Permanent Magnetic Motor Control with One Inverter

  • The SJ700D series inverter can drive both induction motors (IM) and permanent magnetic motors (PM).

3) High Starting Torque, Powerful Drive and Easy Setting

  • High starting torque of 200% or greater at 0.3 Hz
  • Hitachi original 0Hz Domain sensorless vector control
    Keep 150%* torque at 0Hz speed signal
  • Crane applications require high torque at starting
    *(1) 150% torque in case 1 frame big inverter capacity of motor

4) Trip Avoidance Function

  • Over current & voltage suppress function
  • Higher internal calculation speed* improve current control performance avoid inverter trip during acceleration and deceleration period.

5) Programming [EzSQ: Easy Sequence] Function

  • Inverter control by built-in programming function
  • Simple sequence operation is realized by downloading to an inverter the program created by programming soft EzSQ.
  • Possibility of automatic speed control according to a load situation like a swift lift function for crane or a conveyor, and to operate.

6) Internal Option

  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Cost and space reduction compared with external EMC filter
  • Reduces electromagnetic noise
  • Brake circuit up to 22kW
  • Cost and space reduction compared to external braking controller

7) Ease of Maintenance

  • Easy-removable construction for maintenance.
  • Field replacement of cooling fan(s) and DC bus capacitor can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.
  • Cooling fan ON/OFF control provides longer life.
  • Using Logic terminal move to SJ700/SJ700D Series without wiring change.
  • Read SJ300 Parameter by WOP remote operator and write them in to SJ700/SJ700D Series

8) Long Life Time Components & Lifetime Warning Function

  • Long life time components
  • Design lifetime 10 Years or more DC bus capacitor & cooling fan.
  • Cooling Fan ON/OFF control lead more longer life time
    *Ambient temperature : Average 40 deg C (no corrosive gasses oil mist or dust) Design lifetime is calculation and out of guaranty.
    Life time warning function.
  • Avoid trouble before the malfunction by lifetime warning signal
  • Replace the components before the malfunction

9) Easy Operation

  • User selection of Parameter functions
  • Data comparison function
  • A display of only the parameter changed from the default is possible
  • User selected function
  • Indication User setting 12 Parameters as U001-U012

10) Network Compatibility

  • The port corresponding to RS-485 Modbus-RTU is equipped as standard.
  • The communication speed is available up to 115.2kbps.
  • SJ700/SJ700D Series can communicate with DeviceNet PROFIBUS-DP with communication options.

11) Global Standards

  • Conformity to global standards. CE, UL, c-UL, C-Tick approvals.
    Logic input & output Terminal apply sink & source logic.
  • Wide Input power voltage range.
  • Input voltage 240V for 200V class and 480V for 400V class as standard.

12) Environmental Friendliness

  • Micro surge voltage suppress function
  • Hitachi original PWM control suppressing motor terminal voltage less than 2 times of INV\ DC voltage E. Lower than Hitachi motor Max. insulation voltage (1,250V) (during regenerating operation increase the DC bus voltage may over motor max. insulation voltage)
  • EU RoHS compliant by restricting to use hazardous substances. (except solder in power module)
  • Varnish coating of internal PC board & plating of main circuit copper bus bar as standard.

13) 5-Line LCD Operator (Optional : WOP)

  • 5-Line LCD operator
  • Real time clock built in
  • 4 sets of used parameter configurations can be saved and transferred.
  • Two color backlight that distinguish trip status.
  • User selectable content for display.