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Kop-Flex Spindle Couplings
Kop-Flex Spindle Couplings

Kop-Flex Spindle Couplings

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Key Features

  • High torque, high misalignment capacity
  • Withstands moderate to heavy shock loads
  • Highly engineered in a variety of materials and heat treatment to meet
  • Demanding mill applications
  • Optimized gear tooth design for maximized performance. CGG (contact ground gearing) increases wear life and reduces tooth spalling
  • Large lube capacity (LE/LB). Multiple lube port, rising ring design (ME/MB)

Technical Specifications

The evolution of gear spindle design. During the mid 60s KOP-FLEx brand couplings pioneered the use of gear spindles in hot rolling and cold rolling mills. Over the years the basic design has remained constant with the exception of the tooth hardening processes. Original designs employed high carbon steels which were induction hardened. The associated quench process resulted in distortion. To reduce the distortion, nitriding was introduced. Nitriding provides a hard case RC 55/64 and very little distortion.

The case ranges from .015 to .030 (0.38-0.76mm). This process was good for fine pitch gearing in bar, rod and cold mills. For roughing mill and hot strip mill spindles with course pitch teeth a deeper case is required. These spindles employ carburized gearing which produces deep cases .060 to .250 (1.5-6.4mm) RC 55/62. Again like induction hardening during the quench operation distortion occurs to the actual tooth and also pitch diameter.